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Rewind Technique


The Rewind Technique can be a useful tool to reduce the intrusiveness of the impacts of trauma and phobias. It is a structured visualisation technique that requires remembering things in a certain way. You will not be required to disclose intimate details of events but it may be helpful to share some details, especially in the debrief afterwards.

The technique itself is fairly brief so can be completed in one session. We may need to repeat the exercise together again in a later session. A follow up session is required to check in to see how you are and assess the impact.

We can incorporate the Rewind Technique into ongoing therapy sessions, or we can meet with the sole purpose of completing the technique. If you would like the Rewind Technique only, please anticipate at least two sessions.

A simplified version of what the technique looks: Together we will think about a positive starting point for the exercise. You will then imagine watching a film of the traumatic events and at the end of film, imagine the film is rewound back to the positive starting point. I appreciate this may feel awkward or confusing so we will take our time and have the expectation that we will repeat and practice as much as is necessary. You will not need to discuss what you see in the film. However, after the exercise is completed, you will have the chance to share and debrief what it was like for you.

Your safety and wellbeing is the priority in all sessions. We will work respectfully and mindfully with trauma.

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