KGS Counselling: Online + Outdoor Therapy

What to expect

Sessions are 50 minutes long. We can discuss how often you want to meet. I have worked with people wanting, weekly, every other week and monthly sessions. We can see what works for you and review as we go.

How I work

I aim to help people gain greater perspectives and relief that comes with understanding and being understood. I am client led, meaning I believe you know what is most useful for you. That said, I know starting therapy sessions may be daunting, so I will help and guide as needed. We are a team trying to work things out together.

I am integratively trained, using a combination of theories to find the best fit for the individual. I will take my lead from you and check in periodically that you are getting what you need. I have a firm basis in person centred counselling and find Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to be useful in challenging negative thought patterns. I find working psychodynamically can be helpful when trying to understand origins of thoughts, feelings or behaviour.

Being heard and understood can be so empowering that things may start shifting when you experience that, regardless of which counselling theory is used. I use the terms counselling and therapy interchangeably and I am trained to provide either.

Introduction call and first session

Before we decide to work together, we will have a free call to introduce ourselves and see if we would like to book in for a session. I can answer your questions and you can give an overview of what you would like support with. There may be occasions when I am not the best match for you and in those instances, I will try and guide you to an organisation or professional that may be suitable. After the call, if we decide to work together, I will email you the counselling contract/ agreement for you to review which we will look at together in the first session. The first session includes a small amount of admin like gathering some basic details.

Video therapy

Video calls are a great way to do therapy if you have a stable, secure internet connection and private space to do the session. With those conditions in place, it is possible to build a strong connection between us and achieve some significant outcomes. If you prefer phone therapy, please let me know.

Outdoor therapy

Outdoor therapy is available to people local to South East London in areas in and around Greenwich, Woolwich, Bexley, Abbey Wood, Charlton and Shooters Hill. Read more about outdoor therapy here.

Rewind Technique

I have training in the Rewind Technique which helps process traumatic events in order that they impact less on your life. My experience using this has been very positive for clients. We can have sessions focussed on using the technique or we can incorporate them into longer term therapy. You can read more about the Rewind Technique here.

Registered Therapist

I am a qualified therapist registered with The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy, level 7. I have experience working within an NHS counselling service, counselling within a Family Support Service and providing online, low cost therapy. I work to high ethical standards, as set out in the BACP Ethical Framework.

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