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Outdoor Therapy

Outdoor therapy may also be known to some people as walk and talk therapy. There may be many reasons why outdoor therapy is an attractive option. Some of the reasons I have chosen to offer it is:

  • The benefits of being outside in nature on mental health can aid the therapeutic process
  • It gives people who choose to avoid indoor spaces for health reasons an option for face to face therapy
  • Increased exercise benefits mental health
  • Walking/sitting side by side can feel more comfortable then sitting in a room/ video call with someone. It can be allow some people to feel freer.
  • We can practice mindful walking if desired

Before starting outdoor therapy, we begin with an introduction call to see what brings you to therapy. We go through any health conditions or mobility needs that I can plan for. We will discuss location and practical details like what to do if you bump into some you know. I will plan a route and send you details of where to meet.

We can walk in any weather as long as you have appropriate walking clothes and shoes. If you decide to do an online/ phone session instead, then please give me as much notice as possible, no less than 1 hour in advance of the session.

The areas I provide outdoor therapy are in South East London: Greenwich, Woolwich, Plumstead, Abbey Wood, Shooters Hill, Charlton, Thamesmead. If you are local to these areas and your area is not listed, please get in contact if you are interested.

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